Two Peas Publishing Official Request

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The first page of the Two Peas Publishing publishing request.

Two Peas Publishing Request PDF

Project Overview

This is the official document that our team submitted to approve the publication of The Pod volume 1. We were required by our professor to submit the document before we could begin working on the magazine to simulate the real-life process of submitting an official request for publication or financial aid. In order to get our project approved, we had to follow a very specific document format and cover all of the necessary points for publication, such as our audience, why people would “buy” our magazine, and our plan to build the magazine.

Project Plan and Responsibilities

In order to start the publication request, our team had to build up a business that would be requesting permission and funds to publish a magazine. Our team decided on Two Peas Publishing since it was a play off of “two peas in a pod”, which could reference a couple (and therefore fit the tone of our romantic magazine). I chose to use my real-life address and phone number to be the contact information for the company and set up a Gmail account for people to contact us.

Each section of the publication request was written by a different member of the team, which we assigned in a group meeting. Once all of the sections were completed, I went through and edited each section to create a unanimous voice for Two Peas Publishing. Our graphic designer, Millie, created a logo for the request to help it seem more like a real business.

In the request, we had to outline our plans to complete the project in such a short amount of time. We discussed who would cover each area of publishing the magazine and how they would go about accomplishing it. We also discussed the reason that our magazine would “sell” and why our target audience would enjoy reading what we have. We focused on how the tone of our magazine sets it apart from others, and how that hits our target audience and their interests.

Project Results

Once we submitted the request for approval by our professor, we were given permission to start working on our magazine. At the end of the semester, we were able to present our finished project.

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