Economics, Gender, Love and the Changing Face of Marriage

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The first page of Economics, Gender, and Love.

Economics Gender and Love Final Version PDF

Project Overview

In order to produce and publish our cover article for The Pod, our editorial group had to work on and publish a 2,000-word article that related to the subject of the magazine. It had to be written in the style of a research paper, with content such as sources and an abstract, but once we completed it, it would be turned into our cover article. This would be the only article we would actually write for The Pod, and we had to make sure it was catchy enough to snag readers and keep their attention.

We chose to focus on marriage and love, and how those concepts have changed throughout the centuries. The modern idea of love and relationships as we know them in our Western society haven’t always existed, and some countries or time periods had very different ideas of how marriage and love worked. We also discussed the economics and gender roles attached to marriage and love, and how those have changed through the years as well.

Project Plan and Responsibilities

Because of the project and the way the semester was built, we only had a week to work on the article and present it to our professor. Like with the proposal, we split the paper up into different sections. Once each of us had finished our section, we would combine them together and edit them together in one voice. I specifically focused on the “Love” section and tracked the importance of love in a relationship through the centuries, and when love became an essential part of marriage (around the 17th century, if you were wondering).

With all four parts of the paper, I edited them to create one professional voice that our professor would read. It wasn’t an easy task, as all four of us had very different voices and different ways of talking. All of the sections had to be edited to make a unanimous voice, but it ultimately turned out well.

Once the editing was finished and all of the information was cited properly, I formatted the paper for publishing. Our professor had very specific standards on how our research paper should be printed, and it had to be printed and bound together for her to take it and grade it. It took a lot of work to get it to go the way we needed it to, but we were able to turn in the finished product to her and prepare to change the tone from research article to cover story of a satirical magazine.

Project Results

This research paper was successfully turned into our cover story, and with help from our graphic designer, into something that would catch people’s eyes when they opened the magazine. The format and design of the article was one of our more popular articles when we presented the finished magazine to our peers.


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