Less Traveled #1


Image of Less Traveled, with a girl on top of a mountain with a backpack looking into the sunset.
The cover page of Less Traveled #1.


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 3.13.38 PM
My article in Less Traveled magazine #1.

Roads Less Traveled #1 PDF

Project Overview

Published in March 2017, an article of mine was published in the Less Traveled magazine. I accepted a larger article than was posted by the other magazines: they requested a 1,000 word or more article about a foreign location and how to prepare travelers to go there. I have never traveled anywhere outside of the United States, but my foster sister has several, so I chose to focus on visiting Russia since she visits there frequently and claims her family history from. I also remembered some of her comments about Russian etiquette and culture, which I used in the article. My article is located on pages 10-16 and is titled, “The Traveler Mindset: When in Russia.”

I researched several websites from professional travelers and blogs (such as This Battered Suitcase) to get the information I needed and to match the tone of a traveler’s blog as well. I looked up the do’s-and-don’ts for Russian culture and formatted it in the style of a traveler’s guide. It discussed how to act properly when it comes to food, dress, talk and other social norms that people need to know about. Some cultural aspects, such as not smiling or dressing very nicely all the time, are very different from American culture. Not knowing those important aspects could be damaging in establishing relationships with others or not standing out like a sore thumb.


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