The Pod Magazine #1


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Cover page of The Pod #1.


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First page of the cover story of The Pod.

The Pod #1 PDF

Project Overview

Published in March 2017, The Pod is a romantically-themed magazine that features stories, advice, and ideas for people looking for love in their life. This can be for anyone who is single and ready to mingle, to those who are engaged or married. The twist to The Pod is that, rather than following the style of traditional romance magazines, it’s satirical in nature and aims to be humorous rather than realistic. The idea and tone of the magazine was based on The Onion’s tone. For example, the advice offered to people who are single might be ridiculous or completely implausible if you really wanted to try and get a date. Most people don’t take their first dates to the local market to watch lobsters fight. The stories about brides pitching a fit that their wedding budget is only $50,000 that are meant to make you smile and wish that you could have that kind of problem with your own wedding budget.

Project Plan and Responsibilities

The Pod was a collaborative effort between four different people. I was hired on by my professor as editor-in-chief after submitting my resume and cover letter to her for review. After I was hired, I was responsible for picking my team and directing our efforts in making the magazine. All final revisions, designs, and articles were cleared by me. Travis Olsen and CJ West worked as content and copy editors to review the articles sent to us. They made sure that the tone of the articles matched our magazine’s tone and intent, and sent in articles for revision if they didn’t. Millie McGuire worked as our designer for the look of The Pod and researched the look of magazines such as Elle and Seventeen for an idea of what we wanted our magazine to look like. While our tone wasn’t the same as those magazines, we still wanted it to look like a traditional romance magazine.

In order to create the content we needed for The Pod (a play off the words, “two peas in a pod”), we had to do two things: submit a professional request for publication and to send out a call for articles. The request for publication was written by the four of us, which I revised and finalized the request before submitting it. In the request, we outlined our idea for the magazine, along with the content we planned on having, our audience, and problems we could see happening during publication and design. (The request for publication is featured in another post.) The call for articles went out to other students in our class (who would work as authors) with a specific description about what we wanted in the article, what we did not want, and how many words we wanted it to be. Here’s an example of a call for an article we had:

Title: When You Don’t Want Your Mother-in-law to Come

Word Count: 500

Audience: Ages 18-30, both non-LDS and LDS, primarily female-oriented audience.

Details: This article will largely focus on tips and helpful advice for handling a new family-in-law, particularly mother-in-laws and when the in-laws are not what you had expected and they want to come visit. This helpful advice will not be actually helpful in real-life and should not be used when handling mother-in-laws. An example of this could be when your mother-in-law asks if you’ll be spending Christmas with them. You respond by saying that you never will come visit for Christmas but will accept Christmas presents all throughout the season. Or other unhelpful advice could include complementing your mother-in-law on something that should not be complimented.

The tone of the article will be satirical in nature and will treat this unrealistic and unhelpful advice as serious and truly helpful. Authors who have experience handling in-laws and uncomfortable family situations are preferred.

If you would like to write this article, please contact us at and comment on the thread with a notice of acceptance.

Along with submitting a request for publication and a call for articles, my team had to write a 2,000 word paper about a subject that related to our magazine. Once we finished the paper, we then had to take it and turn it from an academic paper into a magazine article. The four of us wrote up different sections of the paper, which was turned over to me to make it a uniform voice and to do content and copyediting.

Project Results

We had to submit our magazine to a peer review before the final publication, and while there were some edits that needed to be made, the class enjoyed our magazine. They enjoyed the humorous nature of the articles and some of the advertisements we had made about products or services that would “help” you with your dating or married life. Many commented on the professional look of the magazine and how it looked like something you would actually read in a store on the shelf.

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