Reel to Real Magazine #1


Image of Reel to Real magazine with popcorn on the front and a blackboard with writing in the background.
The cover page for Reel to Real #1.


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 3.25.16 PM
My article in the Reel to Real magazine #1.

Reel to Real #1 PDF

Project Overview

Published in March 2017, an article of mine was published in the Reel to Real magazine. I accepted an offer to write a 400-word review of a film that happened within the last calendar year. I had to review the film with a specific theme or objective in mind and give my honest review of it like a real film review would. I didn’t have to keep my thoughts or emotion out of it, which was a fun article to write. I chose to focus on Marvel’s most recent (at the time) movie, Doctor Strange, and to focus on a feminist theme for the movie. My article is located on page 13 of the magazine and is titled, “Testing the Doctor: Does Marvel’s Latest Installment Pass the Bechdel Test?”

A popular “test” that many movies go through is the Bechdel Test, which was devised by cartoonist Alison Bechdel about the lack of female interaction in movies. According to, the premise of the Bechdel Test is, “It includes two women, who have at least one conversation, about something other than a man or men.” This harder to find in movies, TV series, and books than you would think. I ran Doctor Strange through the test and there was no way it could have passed since the two female characters never interact with each other save one short scene where one of them is unconscious and dying. After pointing out why it couldn’t pass, I went through and made comments on the lost character interaction and how I would have altered the movie to allow the Ancient One and Christine Palmer to interact with each other.

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