Splatter #1


Image of the Splatter magazine, with a brain that is gray on one side and colorful on the other side.
The cover page for Splatter #1.


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.55.41 PM
My article in the Splatter magazine #1.

Splatter Magazine #1 PDF

Project Overview

Published in March 2017, I wrote an article for publication in the Splatter magazine. I accepted an article request for how to help just-starting freelance writers find writing programs that were affordable. The request was for 200-250 words, but I ended up going slightly over to fit all of the content in that I needed to have in there. As it was, many programs I had found had to be cut out and only the most important ones focused on. My article is on pages 42-43 and is titled, “Looking Beyond Microsoft Word: Writing Programs for the Thrifty Author.”

While working with such a short word count, I decided the best way to get all of the information in that I needed is to put it in a list format. I researched affordable programs for writers and discovered some that were completely free, in comparison to the very pricey newest version of Microsoft Word (which came in at $109.99). After writing a short introduction to the problem, I included the top five affordable programs and a short description of them, especially what made them unique from the others.

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