Improvements in Testing Center Lines

Published on:

“April 25, 2017
Writer: Kourtney Graham

During the winter 2017 semester, the Testing Center enacted new policies to help reduce waiting times. Last fall semester, students faced long lines in the BYU-Idaho Testing Center as they took their finals. The longest recorded waiting time was 3 hours and 16 minutes, and the average wait time for a test was around 1 hour 6 minutes. The long lines and wait times left many students frustrated with the experience.

Comparatively, during the winter semester the longest recorded wait was only 30 minutes. The average wait time for a test was only 6 minutes. Paper and pencil test wait times were just over 1 minute, with a peak of 7 minutes. Over 20,000 exams were administered in the final exam period, which is slightly lower than it was in winter 2016.

The student experience was notably better in winter than it was in fall. Many students were overheard commenting on how enjoyable it was that they didn’t have to wait in long lines to take their exams. These new policies helped create a significant difference in the spirit and stress levels of the students.

In preparation for upcoming semesters, the Testing Center will continue to do comparative analyses to determine how the student experience can be improved during finals. The difference between the testing period in fall and winter semesters is evidence that the new policies are already productive.”

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