BYU-Idaho Accessability Tutorials and Tools


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The “Accessibility Tutorials” page on the BYU-Idaho website.


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Project Overview

To accommodate students and online users with disabilities such as vision problems or mobility limitations, the BYU-Idaho website created tutorials and guides on how to update web pages on the site. Several page components were difficult for programs such as screen readers to navigate and could create problems for disabled users while navigating the site. Our team worked with campus designers and programmers to develop tutorials for site owners to update their pages for better ADA compliance.

Project Plan and Responsibilities

To create understandable tutorials, our team met with campus designers and programmers to learn how to make page components ADA compliant. We discussed the most important tutorials to start with, and how to write them to help new users, as well as experienced users, know what to do. Another important element we had to work out and include in the tutorials were the reasons why these changes helped disabled users navigate the website better, so it didn’t seem like random or odd changes that wouldn’t do anything.

My coworkers and I took my notes from meetings we had to create tutorials and refine them to create tutorials from. We asked others to follow through our tutorials and see if the instructions made sense or not; we had to revise some of them several times before getting it correct. We also worked with the designer in charge of the Accessibility Tutorials page on the BYU-Idaho to create the look of the tutorials and use them to create video tutorials for people who might need visual examples of how to make these changes.

Once the tutorials were completed and the website posted, our team went through many of the university-owned pages and altered some of the big website components to be ADA compliant, such as putting alt text on images.

Project Results

Over 30,000 students visit the BYU-Idaho website, some of whom struggle with vision problems, mobility limitations, or other disabilities that make online navigation more difficult than normal. Improving the accessibility of the website for any users can result in a better user experience for them, and to help them find what they need quickly. And with the help of our tutorials and editing, 14,000 pages on the BYU-Idaho website are more ADA compliant and user-friendly.


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