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The landing page for the Ingeniux Tutorials on the BYU-Idaho website.

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Project Overview

To create website design cohesiveness and easier usage, BYU-Idaho uses the Ingeniux program as the basis of their web page designs. Not many people on campus know how to use Ingeniux and its components. To help editors, site owners and designers know how to use Ingeniux, several tutorials were written and posted publicly for them to access and use. These articles were posted in Page Builder as knowledge articles and the linked into Ingeniux to go live on the website.

Project Plan and Responsibilities

The tutorials for how to use components from Ingeniux on web pages needed to be easy to understand, but still convey all of the necessary information and details to get the desired results. They needed to be understandable for someone who had never seen or heard of Ingeniux but still be helpful for someone who knew the system and needed a quick reminder. After drafting up tutorials, our team had others follow the instructions to see if they made sense, or where we needed to change them. Sometimes the instructions weren’t very clear or didn’t do a good job describing what needed to happen next. Even after several revisions, our team still went through before publication and edited all of the component articles for better clarity and understanding.

The tutorials needed to have a similar tone to each other, and use the same language as each other to not confuse readers. All of them have screen captures to help users understand what they need to be looking at and what needs to be done next. Those that didn’t were updated to match the same standard of the others.

The following tutorials I wrote or wrote content for:

Projects Results

The Market and Communications (MarComm) department of University Relations is working at rebuilding the 14,000 current BYU-Idaho pages into Page Builder for a uniform appearance and user experience. By training designers, editors, programmers and site owners on how to use Page Builder, new web pages can be automatically built with the new look and user experience while current pages are updating to match them. A uniform look and user experience helps faculty, employees, administration, students, future students, and alumni navigate the BYU-Idaho website quicker and easier.

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