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Muse Portfolio Designs ENG 321

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Project Overview

For my Technology for Professional Writer’s Class (ENG 321) during Fall 2017, we were required to complete several projects to gain understanding and proficiency with Adobe products. One of these projects was to create an online portfolio in Adobe Muse to showcase our work and writing abilities to future employers.

Project Responsibilities

For the project, there were only a few requirements that we had to include: the portfolio had to feature our three projects we completed in the class and had to be navigatable as a website for anyone looking at it. Other than that, the design, look and feel were up to us and our preferences.

I started working on the portfolio at the beginning of the semester when I had no understanding of Adobe products. To get an idea of what I wanted it to look like, I researched some portfolios I had found online that I liked. I then examined what I liked about those portfolios to figure out what I wanted to include in mine. These stellar portfolios include:

I then used those ideas to create a rough draft of what I wanted my portfolio to look like, though the finished project did not resemble it at all. The first portfolio I created was from scratch and created by following tutorials off of YouTube and, and to be honest, it did not look great. I struggled to format the page design to look good in a web browser and to respond the way I wanted it to. I then revised my idea and went in search of a templated design from Muse Free, which provided free Muse templates that were simple yet stylistic.

Once I had a template I liked, I began editing it according to the way I wanted it to be. I edited the color scheme to be a red, brown, white and black color scheme and found free photos on Stocksnap IO to avoid copyright infringements for my pictures. From there, I created my flow chart for the website pages and setting up the design of the work projects I wanted to include. Most of the information for the website, such as my “About Me” page and how I described my projects, was pulled directly from this portfolio.

Once the portfolio was completed to my satisfaction, all projects and links were compressed into a zip file with the Muse portfolio so that people could access the projects without being directly on my personal computer.

Project Results

It took a full semester to learn how to properly use Adobe Muse and create a visually appealing portfolio for presentation at the end of the semester. I had to come into the computer lab on weekends and weekdays on my own time to finish the project and spent several hours each visit perfecting and fixing the website. I kept track of my hours to see how long this project would take me and I clocked in over 40 hours to finish it.

I’m very proud of how it turned out in the end and feel confident in presenting it to my classmates at the end of the semester. I learned valuable design skills that will serve me well in my future jobs and helped me improve this portfolio as well for future jobs.

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