About Me


My wonderful husband Dylan and I.

Hello and welcome to my writing portfolio! Thank you for coming and taking a look; it means a lot to me. Here, I’m proud to showcase my professional and creative writing work.

My name is Kourtney French and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’ve loved to write, ever since I was a small child when I dreamed up superhero stories during recess. I found my passion for a career in content writing for the web. It’s an amazing thing how well-written content for companies and their websites can help expand their businesses and connect them with their customers. The power of words is an incredible thing.

I’ve used this power of words to build better content for private institutions such as Brigham Young University-Idaho and for companies like Impact Catalyst Group Inc., Pup Corner,  and Women Roar Int’l.

I have experience in a variety of areas, including web user experience writing, content writing, editing, email and ghostwriting, customer service and networkingmanagementteamworkblogging, social media use, SEO writing, and content management. I also have some experience with designing (Adobe, Ingeniux, Tumblr, WordPress, and MailChimp) and coding (HTML and CSS). I gained my Bachelors of Arts in English from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a minor in Psychology.


Sometimes, you come across people who inspire you. They change the way you look at the world and give you a new way to do things. I’ve come across a few of those myself, and I wanted to share them here with you to inspire you as well:

Website image credit: https://stocksnap.io/


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